This is TÖREN, a celebration of the colors of life inspired in Türkiye, by Ancestral Studio.

Some stories transcend time and space, traveling through generations and continents, impacting new audiences every time they are told.

Long ago, in the kingdom of the Ottoman Empire, lived a humble engineer, artist, and craftsman named Farhad. He worked in the palace of Shirin, Queen of Armenia, and day after day, he saw her from afar, not daring to approach her due to her social position. But one day, Farhad could not contain his feelings any longer and decided to do something special for Shirin. He took his chisel and carved a beautiful portrait of her into a large rock. Every detail, every stroke, and every relief reflected the beauty he saw in his beloved Queen. Shirin was impressed by the portrait and grateful for Farhad’s talent. Although she could not reciprocate his feelings, she appreciated his dedication and skill. But, unfortunately for them, King Khusrow, jealous of the attention Shirin paid to Farhad, devised a plan to separate them. Khusrow tricked Farhad into believing that Shirin had died.

Upon hearing the news, Farhad’s heart filled with sadness and anguish. With a broken soul and a confused mind, he decided that it would be best to join Shirin in the next life. Farhad took his chisel once again and carved a farewell message into the rock. Before he died, he shed a final tear on the stone with Shirin’s portrait. And then, something magical happened. From the tear, a beautiful red tulip was born, as a symbol of the eternal love that Farhad felt for the queen.

Since then, tulips have become a symbol of love, abundance, power, and beauty in Ottoman culture. The legend of Farhad and Shirin has been told for hundreds of years, and the tulip remains a reminder of the love story that transcended time and space.

Through this collection, we are pleased to convey a message full of love, joy, movement, and awakening that reflects the beauty of Turkish culture, the vibrant colors of tulips, and the rich ancient history of this beautiful region.

Our selection is composed of nineteen light and fresh pieces, delicately crafted with linen and natural suede. Their main purpose is to provide a unique experience to our customers by sharing inspiring stories that help them connect with their emotions and the wonderful environment that surrounds them.

This is TÖREN, a celebration of the colors of life inspired in Türkiye, by ANCESTRAL STUDIO.


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